CHANGE THE WORLD School Exhibition

« Be the change you want to see around you. » (Mahatma Gandhi)



Land Art by Andy Goldsworthy

We started the school year with green issues with the T Euro, TL LVO  LELE, 1L LVA, 2STD2A students.

We listened to Severn Suzuki’s speech at the first UN Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio. She gave this speech when she was only 12 and shook the world at the time. Listening to her speech 24 years later, we were struck to see how powerful it is. She doesn’t mince her words and tells world leaders how worried she is. She doesn’t use complicated words and her message is clear. Her words are highly relevant still today as the news is all about Global Warming and rising temperatures.

You can discover more green heroes in the school exhibition thanks to the posters created by 2STD2A students: William Kamkwamba, Al Gore, but also green artists Chris Jordan and Andy Goldsworthy.

Students experimented with Land Art. Spending more time in nature, you realize how fragile and unique it is and so you understand how vital it is to protect it and cherish it. Discover the Leaves Art students created and photos they took as well as what this special time inspired them to write.

COP24 is taking place in Katowice in Poland from 3rd December to 14th December this month. For the first time, the United Nations has created the People’s Seat and people from all around the world can voice their opinion and give ideas to world leaders to save the planet via social media on #TakeYourSeat. Find out more about the United Nations, COP24, and exam themes Progress and Power thanks to the TEuro group.

Watch Severn Suzki’s video with subtitles in English

Listen to David Attenborough, the world-famous BBC natural history documentary presenter,  explaining how you can take your seat at COP24 and why we ought to care.

We also watched a powerful lyric video entitled Truth to Power by One Republic used in the documentary An Inconvenient Sequel with Al Gore to open people’s eyes on Climate Change. This video inspired the 1L LVA group to write letters from the Earth to us. Here’s one of them. You can read more in the school exhibition.


Dear Citizens 

I am the Earth, your Earth and I am dying – dying of the fumes you’ re sending into my atmosphere. If there are more and more devastating extreme weather events it’s because you are not paying attention to me. Are you ready to change the way you live? So I can rise from my ashes because time is running out!

If you are a child tell your parents not to ruin the world you will live in and if you are a parent, join with your children to save me.

I would like you to reduce your carbon emissions to zero, and you can recycle, too ! Please! There are so many things you can do to save me. You can switch to renewable sources of energy. Plant trees, lots of trees so I can breathe again because right now I’m suffocating.

When you started reading my letter were you aware that I was dying? No need to lie I know you weren’t…

But if you spread the word to the entire world, I think that I’m going to get better soon.

So get together, speak up at # TakeYourSeat at COP24 this month and save me !




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