Meet Ebbi

On Tuesday 3rd October 2023, we met Ebbi, our new language assistant. For one hour, Ebbi told us about his life and his country. 

Ebbi is from South Africa so he also has an African name, Vutlharhi which means « wisdom » or « sagesse » in French. Ebbi comes from Ebenezer, a Hebrew name which means Stone of Help. He didn’t give us his age but we can guess he is in his twenties. 

His brother wanted him to go to boarding school (« internat » in French) and he liked it.

Ebbi is an English teacher, he is studying to get a “PGCE” = Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. His goal in life is to become a neuro-psychologist. That’s his plan A, in fact. He loves teaching because he loves people. Around him people feel safe and comfortable.

He doesn’t speak French, but he can speak English, Afrikaans and Isizulu and 6 other languages that are spoken in South Africa. This means that Ebbi can speak 9 languages ! By the way, he taught us how to say « hello » in Isizulu: “sawubona”.  

Here are some of some of Ebbi’s favourite things:

Ebbi loves French transports in Paris but he finds guys crazy there. He doesn’t like road trips, though, because he finds driving very tiring. He loves reading and his favorite book is The Crucible, it’s a drama book. His favorite film is The Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3. He likes the series Last of Us and Wednesday. His favorite music is gospel, indie and R’nB. His favorite singer is Beyoncé.  His favorite drink is orange juice and his favorite color is orange, he likes anything that has orange in it. His favorite dish is brown rice and chicken. 

He would like to go to South Korea. What motivates him in life is living because only he can take care of himself. 

Here are some more fun facts about Ebbi:

Ebbi thought French people say “Oui oui” on a daily basis, which isn’t true! He doesn’t have a pet but he took care of his friend’s dog so he did dog sitting even though he’s got a phobia of animals. He doesn’t like formula one. He doesn’t like sports either but Ebbi used to play soccer. 

Living is what motivates him in life.  When he is sad he does online shopping or listens to music. He is proud of being the first  in his family to go overseas. He would tell his younger self to study hard and live for himself.

If he had any power, he would stop time. If he could transform into another person for 24 hours, he would choose to be a world leader to make things better, to bring peace. If he could say something to other world leaders, he would tell them to do better. 

Everyone enjoyed meeting Ebbi, thanks to his great answers ! 


Join us at English Club ! Come and have a chat with Ebbi or play games in English like Bananagrams, First Impressions or Outburst ! We’re open on Tuesdays from 11am to 2pm and Thursdays from 11am to 1pm, room 108. We enjoy playing music in English, singing and dancing, too.

This article was written by 2nde Euro students